AlienChimp is a small Karachi based indie game developer studio which is solely owned and operated by me_Sarfaraz Khokhar.I grew up playing games on myriad platforms, of various kinds and distinguished genres. The most surfed on had been Atari, Sega and Gameboy.
After completion of High School I got enrolled at Indus Valley School Karachi, the paradise for artists, in order to seek Communication Design Degree. For the final Thesis I created a small animated 3D movie about a social cause. That went viral in a matter of days.
As soon as I completed my degree I followed back my passion for Games. I wanted to build and create games and brand them. I released my very first installment of game venture under the name of Cheetah King in 2014. It remains the most coveted gem to my career cap.  Cheetah King is available at AppStore.
Being a die-hard fan of action, strategy and role playing games I have plans to come up with unique game genes for every distinct genre. I started game development to quench curious game genes of mine for a hobby but now it is my passion.