Passot Update

I have been updating here since I started working on this game. That was 8 months ago. I had been mentioning about the game and its various stages where I reached on a certain time. Now this is the time where I am able to put up a little demonstration of the game. I have spent a lot of time because this game required a lot of work. I am very glad to shows you some glimpses of the game through this small video.

This game will be available free for iOS and Android.

Passot is a pacing arcade game where you have to stay away from the hitting blocks by swinging and saving the ball. It all depends on how you choose the spot to pass the ball through, and also you have to choose the right position to hit the ball that would help the ball to pass by and a slightest mistake would drag you back to the position where you started. There are several types of obstacles and also friendly blocks. Some of them are mentioned below:

They are the different kind of shapes with varying sizes and constantly changing speed.

They change and move according to the time and stage you are on.

The blocks are of various types: obstacular that would try to block the ball and friendly blocks that would help it pass but among them there are hypocritic friendly blocks to harm the ball as well. These, blocks have variants too being of various sizes, changing speed and nature.

You have to be very careful while playing the game because anything can happen. The truth is that this game is very attractive and addictive. That is my opinion about the game.

Features: There are two major features in the game.

a) Supermove.

b) Superfreeze.

You'd have to watch a small video that would  earn you virtual money to buy features. You can either purchase (in-app-purchasing) or earn through the game as the video shows. These features will help you explore the game to the fullest by completing the levels easily if you wish to finish it quickly.

Please let me know how you find it and what amendments should be implemented. I would appreciate it.

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